AAI Canada

AAI Canada brings together volunteers and professionals offering you a complete support and assistance service to immigrate to Quebec and Canada according to the federal and provincial laws in force, while avoiding unnecessary or unfavorable journeys.

Our association wishes above all to develop a support network between our members and our partners in order to help make the immigration process in Canada more transparent and fair. We want to help create a community in which everyone can share their experience, ask questions and suggest possible solutions.

Our goal is to serve you in one place and to provide you with a service that goes beyond legal and technical advice. The Immigration Assistance Association welcomes you to our home; welcome home.

The values of an association and its team give it its strength. These values also guide the meaning that this organization gives to its actions.

AAI Canada was born out of the recognition of the challenges faced by many citizens here and newcomers to Canada. Double invoicing, hidden legal fees, poorly completed forms or missing documents: the result can be a bitter disappointment.

We believe in the values ​​of fairness, transparency and respect. Our project is based on the honest collaboration of all our members and partners, whoever they are.

Navigating the intricacies of Canada’s immigration system on your own is not for everyone. A lot of people swallowed up their time and money before calling on us. It is for this reason that AAI CANADA wishes to be a crossroads of knowledge and resources for all. Our doors are open to you.


We provide prompt and professional service!

  • Pre-assessment
  • Classification according to skills and desired region
  • Complet preparation files for principal applicant, and family, if desired
  • Airline ticket and travel agency service
  • Airport reception
  • Organization of transport upon arrival in Canada
  • Follow-up to permanent residence
  • Finding an employer
  • Interview with your future employer
  • Contract signature with employer
  • Bank account opening with several advantages for our members
  • Help to obtain credit
  • Motor vehicle financing available
  • Health insurance registration
  • Social insurance registration
  • Support to find accommodation
  • Support for daycare or school registration
  • Francization registration (MIFI)
  • Cellphone preparation as soon as you arrive, if you request it
  • Obtaining a Canadian driver’s license
  • Translator service








What our customers says!


The Immigration Assistance Association is full of resources of all kinds to help you with your immigration process.

First visit to Canada? Do you want to extend your permit or visa?
Do you dream of becoming a Canadian citizen? Do you want to sponsor relatives? 

Our network of partners includes legal advisers, translation, travel and job placement agencies to meet all your needs.

The only fee that you will be asked is the 450 Canadian dollars (Principal Applicant) (add 100 dollars for spouse and 100 dollars per child (22 years and under)) for the registration with our association (AAI).

These fees will be used for research employers and the complete follow-up of your file, And thus to ensure the good progress of your request. We cannot guarantee you the exact deadlines but the current average is 9 months to 1 year for the complete process.
The subscription fees are not refundable.



  • Robert Stead (Président directeur général)
  • Josée Roy (Vice-présidente exécutive)
  • Johanne Boivin Drapeau (Consultante en immigration reconnue par le CRCIC et accréditée en tant que consultante en immigration canadienne réglementée (RCIC))
  • Lucie Poulin  (Adjointe administrative)
  • Marie-Louise Tah (Technicienne administrative)


  • Jessica Dion (Technicienne juridique)
  • Adrian Echemendia (Technicien juridique)
  • Wina cadran (Technicienne administrative)
  • Abdala Bode (Agent de classement)
  • Francis Pelletier (Conseiller aux entreprises)
  • Julie Bellegarde (Responsable en levée de fond)
  • Fernando Osorio Montoya
    (Responsable des transports)
  • Yenny Catherine Trianag Gonzalez (Transport et service)


  • Torsten Trute (Directeur aux opérations)
  • Gabriela Biese (Adjointe administrative)
  • Viktor Piven (Conseiller en
    recrutement international)
  • Dr.Olesia Piven (Assistante en
    recrutement international)
  • Evi Pechmann (Communication et traduction) 


  • Me Louise Harbour (Avocate)
  • Me Beatrice Latuille (Avocate)
  • Me Yves Bernier (Avocat)



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